Why Coconut Grove?

Only a short drive from the city, yet in a world of its own, Coconut Grove is one of the oldest and most diverse neighborhoods in Miami. A tropical haven of art, culture, history and outstanding natural beauty, it’s a place where the exotic meets the idyllic.

Coconut Grove

A forest of cool in an oasis of calm.  Coconut Grove is surrounded by historic parks, bayside walks, and fashionable shopping. You’re as likely to find people boating and fishing as you are dining in style.

A Rich History

The oldest continuously inhabited neighborhood in Miami; First settled in 1825, Coconut Grove has deep roots in a rich history. Nestled comfortably in a hardwood hammock overlooking a harbor, the Grove has always remained connected to the sea.

A Vibrant Community

From the top of a limestone ridge, where Arbor stands, a vibrant community rings.  Cultivated by evening yoga in Peacock Park or morning coffee with a neighbor; A weekend cookout or a weekday night out; Coconut Grove feeds the desire for something unique.